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Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver Help Car Accident injury Claimants Ethically

I learned years ago as a young lawyer that the best interest of clients is the heart of any personal injury law practice. In this post I want to present a short ethical checklist to help you find the right legal advocate for your injury case.  There are ethical obligations placed on lawyers in British Columbia when it comes to representing people in personal injury claims. Here is a checklist of three of the top ethical obligations:

  • As a general principle, a lawyer has a duty to give undivided loyalty to every client;
  • A lawyer must not perform any legal services for a client if  the lawyer has a direct or indirect financial interest in the subject matter of the legal services. There are some excepts to this rule; and
  • Unless the transaction is of a routine nature to and in the ordinary course of business of the client, a lawyer must not borrow money or obtain credit from a client of the lawyer’s firm, or obtain a benefit from any security or guarantee given by such a client.

There are other ethical and legal obligations imposed upon personal injury lawyers to ensure that the Public receives the best legal advice possible in our Province.  I have provided tips before on how to find a car accident lawyer for ICBC and other injury claims and would invite you to read more about the subject. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness


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