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Personal Injury Lawyer for Highest Population Density in Canada

Living and working in Vancouver as a personal injury lawyer, topping over 21 years, has given me the rich opportunity of representing the most dense urban population in Canada. The complex mix of pedestrian and bike lanes straddling wide multi lane vehicular boulevards is a breeding ground for injury and is where best personal injury lawyers are needed.
If you are looking to hire the best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland you will have a lot of very good lawyers to choose from. In fact, British Columbia civil cases are 71% more likely to result in a win than the typical Canadian civil case. according to the analysis of Toronto technology  lawyer Mr. A. Cameron-Huff ( click here for higher wins for BC lawyers).
At Holness Law we service Surrey as a top priority and our personal injury lawyers in the Lower Mainland of BC represent a population with the highest number of people per kilometre in Canada. On the top 10 list is Vancouver, New Westminster and North Vancouver according to the 2016 Census data released by Statistics Canada.
When deciding on the best personal injury lawyer for your case make sure the lawyer has these three important qualities: 1. Integrity, 2. Compassion, and 3. Excellence in personal injury law. Most injury lawyer will provide an initial free legal consultation which should help you make your decision.
For more information about hiring a personal injury lawyer for an ICBC injury claim, slip and fall or medical malpractice watch our short video:



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