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Surrey Residents Searching for Personal Injury Lawyer

Living in Surrey has its advantages although after a car accident personal injury lawyers must file suit in another city such as Vancouver. Surrey has an ICBC claim centre, convenient after a car accident, but does not currently have a Supreme Court Registry. The Vancouver Court building houses the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Registries. Here is what you need to know if living in Surrey and looking for a personal injury lawyer:

  1. Almost 60% of all lawyers have their home office in Vancouver for good reason. 88.5 % of all lawyers in BC practice in Vancouver,Westminster,Victoria, Nanaimo,or Kamloops;
  2. Reduced Costs for Personal Injury Lawyers across from a Courthouse- Save costs on couriers and online filing fees when filed in by hand. Vancouver lawyers that are across from the courthouse have access to the largest law library in BC, transcription services, and multiple court registries. The Supreme Court Self-Help and Information Centre is a drop-in centre in Vancouver  that can also assist people without lawyers. Court Applications for ICBC Supreme Court cases cannot be filed and spoken to in Surrey, but lawyers in Surrey can file court documents online for an additional fee; and
  3. Home Visits for the Seriously Injured.  Having a personal injury lawyer come to your to your Surrey home means you can choose a lawyer for your ICBC claim without being concerned where the office is located. Not all cases require a home visit and you may not want anyone coming to your home. A client can actually benefit from meeting with the lawyer in the law office, confirming that the case will be handled in a professional office environment.

ICBC has a big presence in Surrey with two offices for Driver Services and a claim centre. Consider expanding your search for an your personal injury lawyer outside Surrey and you will be surprised at the ease of your options.

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