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British Columbia Brain and Spinal Injury Claims

If you or your loved one has suffered an injury to the brain or spinal cord read more about our legal advocacy for victims of personal injury:

Brain with spinal cord injury presents complex medical and legal challenges for claimants and their legal advocates. Mr. Renn A. Holness, son of prominent Neurosurgeon Dr. R. O. Holness, has been prosecuting brain and spinal cord cases for adults and children in the British Columbia since 1995. Caring, compassionate, accomplished and committed we will always act on behalf of the claimant and work with family members, cases managers,CSILs, life care planners, and guardians to ensure the best results.

As many family members know, the damage to the central nervous system has the potential to affect rehabilitation negatively as well as the quality of life and reintegration in the community. At Holness Law Group we help obtain compensation for specialized care needed to improve outcomes and to minimize clinical and economic burden.

Neurotraumas are the most significant and complex injuries to the nervous system and are often inflicted in car, bike or pedestrian accidents. The forces inflicted upon the human skull in an accident can produce a complex damage within the brain. Symptoms can be immediate or develop within days or weeks following the trauma.

Brain Trauma

The spinal cord is really just an extension of the brain, consisting of a thick bundle of nerve fibres that connect the brain to the muscles, skin and organs. Blows or knocks to the head can lead to damage to many other parts of the head including the skull, scalp, ears and eyes.

There are two types of brain injury, traumatic and acquired. The Traumatic type of brain injury is caused by an external force, such as hitting your head on the car window. Your legal advocate will need to have an understanding of the diffuse and focal damage caused by a trauma such as a car accident, medical mishap, or a fall. Symptoms of penetrating or closed head injuries vary depending on the location and size of the damage.

An Acquired Brain Injury occurs at the level of the cells and is most often associated with internal pressure on the brain. This may come from a tumor or from a neurological illness. Brain damage lawyers need to distinguish between medical and legal cause, and may rely on specialized medical experts to obtain the best settlement or court awards for a victims with this condition.

Spinal Cord Trauma

Unexpected disability and impairment of function creates lifelong medical needs. Our experienced British Columbia brain and spinal cord injury lawyers work with specialists in medicine, economics, actuarial science and vocational rehabilitation in an effort to maximize compensation and provide our clients with the compensation needed to improve their lives.

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