Child, Teenager and Infant Injuries

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyers for Children, Teenagers and Youth

Since 1995 personal injury lawyer Renn Holness has represented children, infants, teenagers and youth under 19 years old suffering serious injuries, including brain injury, in motor vehicle accidents in British Columbia.  Our legal services have been critical in pedestrian car accident crosswalk cases as well as passenger injury and bicycle injuries.

We tell parents what they need to do and the steps they need to take to help protect their child’s claim after a car accident injury. We help teenagers and youth with their personal injury claims and advocate on their behalf in civil legal proceedings. Teenagers that under under 19 years need a litigation guardian but we listen and respect the right for teenagers to have a say in their cases.

Our lawyers provide experienced and reputable legal advice with discounted legal fees for all child and infant injury claims.

Lawyers representing children will sometimes have to prove that the child did not have the capacity to be negligent or the child was not negligent as measured against the conduct of a reasonable child of the same age and in the same circumstances. If there is negligence against the child or youth the lawyer will have to advocate for an appropraite apportionment or attribution of fault for the negligence.

Legal Help for Your Children after a Car Accident

Court approval of most personal injury settlements on behalf of youth and children is required and is a a necessary part of the settlement process.  Under the Infants Act, the Public Guardian and Trustee is required to provide written comments regarding any infant settlement for which court approval is sought, with few exceptions.  Mr. Holness has dealt with the Public Guardian and obtained approval of child and youth settlements in British Columbia since 1995.

To get more assistance for personal injury claims involving children, infants and youth in British Columbia watch our short video about why personal injury claims are different for children and youth under 19 years old:

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