Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer on Contingency

  1. The first legal consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers is free;
  2. We are only paid if we settle or win and there is no legal fee if you lose your case;
  3. We never work for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia or any other insurance company. We only work for the injured;
  4. Our retainer agreement is fully explained in writing and there are no surprises at the conclusion of the case;
  5. The legal fees we charge are based upon a percentage of total recovery. The amount of the percentage charged will vary depending on factors, including the complexity of the case and will never be higher than one-third of what is recovered for motor vehicle accident cases;
  6. Our legal fees are always reduced for children and the catastrophically injured;
  7. You pay no up front fees and your case expenses are covered by us until the conclusion of your claim. To protect the integrity of all our clients, if we are provided with faulty information or if a client refuses to follow reasonable legal advice we terminate the retainer and charge for time spent;
  8. All our lawyers are protected with up to $1 million liability coverage for each claim and $2 million in any given year. Professional liability insurance ensures that clients receive compensation to which they are entitled if a mistake is made by the lawyer; and
  9. We use our best skill and legal judgement for every client to obtain the highest settlement or court award possible.- Guaranteed. Phone:  (604) 633-4878

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