No Fee Legal Protection Guarantee

Hiring a lawyer just got easier because we don’t charge by the hour. We receive a percentage at the end of the case. This is called a contingency fee agreement.

There is less risk financially if you hire a lawyer on contingency. As a result, we help reduce financial strain from your inability to work. We take on your medically and legally complex case.

When hiring a lawyer at Holness and Small Law Group we do not charge on an hourly rate. Instead, our fees are a percentage of the settlement or the trial award. 

Above all, you are only charged fees at the end of the case. We are only paid if successful. We also cover legal expenses until conclusion. The expenses we cover include expert reports and investigation.

Get needed legal protection for your personal injury claim. The process is easy. We offer free parking, online sign-up, and home visits by appointment.

Learn about our special No Fee Legal Protection Guarantee: Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer on Contingency.

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