Lawyers with Experience Settling ICBC Claims

Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Holness  has almost two decades of experience in the unique legal practice area involving settlement of ICBC injury claims. In particular, Mr. Holness and his legal team offer legal advise to ICBC claimants in the recovery of:

  • Accident benefits;
  •  Payments on behalf of at fault drivers;
  • Hit and run payments;
  • Under insured ICBC claims;
  • Uninsured  claims;and
  • Settlement of claims of damage, loss or injury to person and property.

We hold the benefit of having settled hundred of personal injury cases with ICBC since incorporating in 1999.

We negotiate with ICBC, on behalf of the injured for the payment of settlement funds to claimants, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns. Settlement with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia means ultimately releasing and discharging forever the at fault driver,  ICBC under Part 7 of the Insurance (Vehcicle) Regulation, and ICBC generally from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, and demands sustained in consequence of a particular motor vehicle accident. Sometimes settlement can also involve more than one car accident and several ICBC claims.

Once the claims with ICBC have been settled and the release signed no further claims or lawsuits can be filed against any other person or corporation who might claim contribution or indemnity under the provisions of any stature or otherwise due to the motor vehicle accident.

Our lawyers make sure that the terms of the settlement are fully understood by our clients and we protect our clients by ensuring that the agreement is legally binding on ICBC.

Call or send us a message about your ICBC claim settlement before you sign an ICBC release.

Before hiring a lawyer you can also learn more about ICBC Settlements by reading our professional case reviews or watching our short videos.