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Working for Motorcycle Riders Injured in British Columbia

We know about motorcycle and scooter accident injury claims. Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness has been representing cyclists in British Columbia since 1995 and has obtained large out of court settlements involving, brain, nerve, and serious orthopaedic injuries for those injured in motorcycle accidents. Our reputable and accomplished lawyers will act on behalf of the injured motorcyclist or passenger and work with family members and guardians to ensure the best results possible.

You, as the motorcyclists, are often blamed for causing your own injury. You are often fighting the negative perception from police, ICBC adjusters, witnesses, and even doctors that by choosing to drive a motorcycle or scooter, you are responsible for your injury. Our motorcycle accident lawyers do not advocate for or against motorcycle rights and we provide independent, objective legal advice in the best interest of injured riders. Our loyalty will always remain with our personal injury client, the motorcyclist.

Let us be the responsible and professional face for your motorcycle or scooter personal injury claim. We protect personal privacy rights, fight to prevent any driving record from being used against you, and present your injury claim professionally, using the most current legal decisions and analysis.

Help After a Motorcycle Accident Injury

The fact is, motorcycles are the most dangerous mode of transportation in British Columbia and the fatality rate for riders under 25 years of age is, on average, 15 times higher than drivers over 25 years of age.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers immediately begin an investigation strategy specific to your case obtaining necessary accident reconstruction, witness testimony, photographs, diagrams and expert opinion evidence. We will focus on the behaviour of the car or truck driver that caused the accident and help to establish, if the facts support, a solid legal case against the other driver. Some common causes of scooter and motorcycle accidents include:

  1.  Careless driving by car and trucks and failing to check mirrors
  2.  Illegal left turn into path a motorcycle
  3.  Illegal lanes changes into path of a motorcycle
  4.  Road racing
  5.  Speeding
  6.  Driving without prescription glasses
  7.  Disobeying a traffic lights
  8.  Driving without consideration
  9.  Unsafe U Turn
  10.  Driving on a sidewalk

Despite not being at fault for the accident a motorcyclist may be ticketed for a variety of driving offences which include:

  • Operating a motorcycle while not seated
  • Passenger unlawfully on motorcycle
  • Motorcycle passenger not lawfully seated
  • Failure to use foot pegs or floorboards
  • Riding your motorcycle without the required helmet
  • Permitting a passenger under 16 to be unlawfully seated
  • Permitting a passenger under 16 to ride without a helmet
  • On the motorcycle with more than two abreast
  • Obstructing a peace officer
  • Improper display of licence plate
  • Illegal plate

The breaching of a statutory duty is not proof of negligence and a motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to properly apply the law to the facts of your case. Call us right away for a free legal consultation if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

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