Story of Liam and Mary

Liam and his daughter Mary were waiting in traffic when they were rear ended by a pick-up truck. There was not much damage to Liam’s car but they were both in a lot of pain. Liam could not afford to take time off work and Mary had to stop field hockey.

The insurance adjuster was nice at the beginning, she waived the deductible and paid their medical bills. When it came time to settle though the offer was very low and the adjuster’s attitude changed.

Liam’s father had been in a car accident years ago and had hired Holness Law Group. He told Liam that his case was hard fought and went to court and Mr. Holness got him much more than what ICBC had offered.

Liam hired Holness Law Group and within a short time they were able to settle Liam’s case out of court for more than what he expected. Mr. Holness also applied to the Public Trustee and had a settlement approved for daughter Mary so money will be waiting for her when she turns 19.

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This story is based on real events but the names and facts have been changed to protect clients. For illustration purposes only. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and amounts recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

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