Steps in Your ICBC Injury Claim

An ICBC injury lawyer will professionally determine what steps need to be taken and ensure policy reporting requirements are met in order to maximize your accident benefits. Online resources will not replace an ICBC personal injury lawyer that has experience dealing with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Without a professional you’ll need to complete the process on your own. Here are five helpful steps to protecting your ICBC claim:

  1. Open your ICBC claim by getting a file number- You or a loved one can call ICBC’s dial-a claim phone number to report the car accident. Be aware of the dangers of giving an ICBC dial-a-claim statement and read more about ICBC dial a claims;
  2. Properly complete ICBC claim forms and other documentation necessary such as insurance policy applications, certificates of earnings, short form medical report and the like. Attending an ICBC claim centre may be necessary of you do not have representation;
  3. ICBC claims representatives are required the properly investigate once a report has been made and an adjuster may contact your employer or doctor. At this step you may be required to attend at your doctors office or disclose your past income earnings. You should have already attend a doctor before starting your ICBC claim;
  4. Attending ICBC claims rehabilitation program or other treatment and receiving total temporary disability benefits; and
  5. Update the insurance representatives to obtain further, or maintain, benefits.

Our ICBC claims lawyers working for you will provide complete professional care so you have time to focus on the more important things in life.

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