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Car Crash Neck Injury Lawyers in Vancouver, British Columbia

Whiplash injuries occur when there is a forceful flexion and extension of the neck. Medical science and research has led to the understanding that the acceleration of the head is much greater than the peak acceleration of the vehicle. Serious and life changing injuries can occur when a vehicle is rear ended at low crash speeds even though most cars can withstand low speed impacts without much structural damage. Insurance companies can therefore deny to settle claims based on minimal damage or low impact speed without just cause.

After a car, bike or pedestrian accident a whiplash injury can be one of the most difficult injuries to prove. Insurance companies like ICBC will often minimize your claim leaving you struggling to get the compensation you deserve. Our Whiplash Injury Lawyers have represented hundreds of claimants suffering from this disorder and our clients benefit from our up to date medical, legal resources, and settlement advice.

Types of Whiplash and Neck Injury

Although Whiplash Associated Disorder, WAD, is a well documented , understood, and settled condition, the term “whiplash” has been used loosely and is not always associated with the true medical condition. Neck injuries affecting the muscles, tendons, and ligaments at the cervical spine level are classified by medical specialists in different way and are better described as:

  • Hyperextension
  • Hyperflexion
  • Myofascial
  • Neck sprain or strain
  • Cervical strain or sprain
  • Musclo-liagamentous
  • Soft tissue

Neck injuries can also lead damage to the spinal cord affecting the nervous system, fractures to the cervical bones, or disc herniation . These cases are complex and complicated to diagnose, treat and cope with although mild to moderate whiplash can lead to a permanent disability.

Getting Help for Your Whiplash Claim

A whiplash injury lawyer can take charge of your claim after car accident ensuring that the proper investigation is conducted, ICBC reporting requirements are satisfied, and will put forward a comprehensive settlement proposal . All lawyers in British Columbia in good standing can take on a case as there is no accreditation for whiplash injury lawyers. An expertise in this area of the law is obtained through years of training and representing claimants suffering neck injury at all stages of their case.

At Holness Law Group we know about Whiplash Injury. We have prosecuted whiplash and neck injury cases in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Court of Appeal and settled hundreds of cases out of court with over 9 out of 10 of our clients successfully receiving a money settlement or court award.. Caring, compassionate, accomplished and committed we will always act on behalf of the injured to ensure the best results possible.

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