Are you looking to continue a legal assistant career in an established Vancouver law office, across from the Vancouver law courts?
Legal support staff competent to assist the injured in legal claims for compensation are not only worth their weight in gold, they have high job satisfaction. With medical understanding and legal training personal injury lawyers represent members of our community that have been injured through no fault of their own. Legal support staff compliment the team and are specialized in pre and post civil litigation matters.
There are about 25,000 legal services jobs in British Columbia and many are well paying full time permanent positions. Most personal injury lawyers in the Province have their offices in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland and staff work in a professional office environment.
Legal assistants that report high job satisfaction require minimal direction and instruction from lawyers and, depending on the level of experience, have a working knowledge of personal injury litigation. This includes both in statutory and common law.
The legal assistants working under the direction of a personal injury lawyer develop drafting skills and are able to identify general legal issues. The key duties for many legal assistants in a personal injury office includes:
1. Drafting correspondence and legal documents under direction of a lawyer.
2. Overseeing work of junior support staff, as directed by a paralegal and assisting in file maintenance including daily filing, file organization, opening/closing files.
3. Client care and coordinating communications.
4. General administrative duties.
5. Preliminary drafting of court documents, document binders and chambers material under the direction of a paralegal.
7. Setting up independent medical examinations and tracking expert deadlines under the direction of the lawyer
8. Records requests and follow-up.
These legal careers are financially rewarding and fulfill the need to do justice within our local community. Overall, providing service to injury claimants as a legal assistant is best suited for individuals with integrity, compassion and a spirit of excellence.