Have you been sued for speaking out on matters of public interest?

Defamation, libel and slander are civil claims sometimes misused by large corporations, professionals, and governments to silence public debate. These unfair lawsuits are called “strategic lawsuits against public participation” (SLAPP). SLAPP targets critics in an attempt to prevent debate on matters of public interest. These lawsuits are unfair and legally costly. Often SLAPP lawsuits are filed against private citizens, journalists, companies and non-profit societies.

Who We Represent

We represent the outspoken critics of matters of public interest including private citizens, companies, and non-profit societies who have been sued for defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright violations, interference with contract or economic advantage in other civil claims. We also represent societies who must be formed for the following purposes: agricultural, artistic, benevolent, charitable, educational, environmental, patriotic, philanthropic, political, professional, recreational, religious, scientific, social or sporting.

How to Contest Unfair Lawsuits (SLAPP)

If you have been sued for speaking out on matters of public interest in a SLAPP lawsuit filed after May 15, 2018, the Protection of Public Participation Act creates a new type of application (“3P Application”) which allows the individual being sued to apply to have the SLAPP lawsuit against them dismissed if the expression relates to a matter of public interest. If successful, not only will the lawsuit be dismissed, but monetary damages may be awarded to the individual who was sued with the SLAPP lawsuit.

Holness and Small Law Group has over 20 years of experience protecting private citizens and prosecuting civil claims on their behalf. Having developed legal skills in presenting court applications, drafting affidavits and cross-examining key witnesses as trial lawyers, we are well positioned to protect you by applying to have these unfair SLAPP lawsuits dismissed.

Our fees are always fair and affordable. Call us today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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