Legal consultations after a car accident are free at most law firms in Vancouver. A victim to a car accident and the family must decide whether to advocate by themselves or with a professional in pursuing necessary compensation following an accident injury. Call a lawyer if you meet the following criteria:

Complex Case

Depending on the complexity of the case and the educational background of the claimant, having a lawyer on the team could make the difference between winning and losing. Call a lawyer if your case is medically or factually complicated. Prior injuries, congenital conditions, potential fault for the accident, these are all issues that require immediate professional attention.

Limitations Put on Compensation

On May 17, 2018 changes in the law were made effective as of April 1, 2019 which allow ICBC to deny claims as “minor injuries”, with compensation for pain and suffering limited to $5,500.00. ICBC adjusters have easy access to a team of insurance lawyers. Claimants need to understand the direction, entitlement of the claim and whether the ICBC injury caps apply to limit compensation.
Speak to a lawyer if the ICBC adjuster defines the claim as a “minor injury” and refers to the Civil Resolutions Tribunal.

Expert Opinions Needed

ICBC has a lot of hired guns. Medical and engineering experts work for ICBC and have no loyalty to the innocent injury claimant. ICBC has a very large staff of insurance adjusters, managers, paralegals and lawyers none of which work for the injury claimant.
Lawyers working for ICBC represent the at fault drivers, NOT the injured claimant. The lawyer working for ICBC looks out for ICBC’s best interest and protects the at fault driver.

Confidential Information

Talking to a lawyer only requires a phone call for a free confidential consultation. It is usually easy to find a lawyer for an initial consultation, free of charge. There is no obligation to hire a lawyer after a consultation and the control always remains with the claimant. Lawyers are all members of the Law Society so legal fees are regulated.
ICBC does not need to know whether you have talked with a lawyer. A claimant should verify anything unusual stated by the ICBC adjuster by speaking with a lawyer.
The contact with a lawyer is protected by law. Also, irrelevant and potentially embarrassing information can be protected from disclosure by a lawyer working on behalf of a claimant.

Protecting Financial Health 

Over 20 years of working as a lawyer on behalf of the injured has taught me that quality of life has value worth more than money can compensate. However, money is often the only solace for the victim’s pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.
Personal injury lawyers specialize in the assessment, quantification and proof of injury claims. Talking to a lawyer soon after a car accident can be critically important to financial health and well being case cases with complexity, insurance denials, expert opinions, or the need for privacy and protection of confidential information.
The ICBC adjuster may tell the claimant that no lawyer is needed. However, ICBC has a team of lawyers and the adjuster will consult with a lawyer privately about the claim. Speak with a lawyer in confidence if the claim has been denied unfairly.
Watch our video to learn more about  Whether to Hire an Injury Lawyer.