Drivers in BC are required by law to purchase insurance coverage through ICBC, which includes accident injury benefits. Yet the insurance coverage often never gets paid out requiring purchased private insurance be used first. The premiums you pay for private coverage are a total loss and the result is a reduction in the value of your injury case, if you are the innocent victim. To add insult to injury, you may even be required to pay back your insurance company  from your ICBC settlement or court award.
All auto injury claimants with accidents on or after May 17, 2018 are required to deduct private insurance benefits from the ICBC claim against the guilty driver. ICBC injury claimants are punished under the NDP legislation for having purchased private insurance or having protection under a collective agreement after a car accident injury.
The solution for most people in BC will be to avoid paying private insurance to cover medical and disability in the event of a car accident in BC. Check with your insurance broker as this may save you money on having to purchase private insurance or deductions from your paycheque at work.
Withe these NDP changes, the ICBC monopoly expands its power and after April 1, 2019 ICBC will not have to pay the real cost of medical expenses for innocent victims.
The NDP government has limited what ICBC must pay to innocent drivers, which eliminates access to needed healthcare after a car accident.  Instead of insurance for all , which was the original goal for ICBC in 1972, this appears to be, insurance for none.
Employers providing  coverage for medical, short and long term disability will be jeopardizing the employees claim for ICBC benefits and the claim against the guilty driver. Negotiating the removal of this clause may also result in savings on insurance premiums for employers and unions.
The benefits of not paying for private auto insurance after April 1, 2019 will include enhanced accident benefits from ICBC and savings in not paying for private coverage in the event of an auto injury.
Trusting that ICBC will meet their obligations when claimants have no private plan, any ICBC accident benefits received will still be deducted from the claim against the guilty driver. ICBC employs dozens of lawyers to protect the guilty driver against the claims of innocent victims.
Speak to a lawyer before making any changes to your existing insurance coverage or signing any reimbursement agreements for an insurance company. We provide free consultations for victims of personal injury.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.23 years serving the injured in BC.