On February 11, 2019 Attorney General, David Eby, teaming with auto monopoly ICBC, announced draconian restrictions on experts and expert reports. The new rules will limit the ability of innocent victims to use expert reports. Medical reports, economic reports, treatment reports, work capacity assessments and other expert opinions will be restricted.

Without a court application, innocent victims are prevented from gathering evidence to prove of their injuries and losses. ICBC continues to be allowed to deny and delay paying individual claims.  ICBC has not been held accountable for any financial mismanagement in the last 8 years .ICBC will still be able to hire experts to deny injury claims.

The NDP has effectively created a state based insurance monopoly with special rules to limit the risk of having to pay in the effect of an accident. This system will funnel insurance  money set aside to pay wage loss, future wage loss, and future care back to the insurance company, ICBC and the government of the day.

People injured in car accidents will now get little or no benefit from paying the mandatory auto insurance to ICBC. Without a legal advocate ICBC claims are being devalued and individual rights are being removed.

This new system removes access to justice to many disabled individuals. The changes will make it impossible for some claimants to prove their injuries.

Our legal system in BC is being moved away from promoting equity, dignity and respect for the human person. The current government  restrictions of expert reports is part of the implementation of a social plan dependent on government controlled corporate profit, removing individual rights.