Free legal advice after a car accident is available online. However, a single legal consultation does not replace hiring a lawyer. As a result, the initial consult should not be considered legal advice but rather legal information. This is called a free legal consultation.

The First Legal Consultation

There should be little or no charge for the first contact with a lawyer. This allows a lawyer to explain your rights and obligations. Here are five facts that will assist in your first consultation: Date of the accident , description of the event, list of injuries, work status, and prior health condition.

First Contact with ICBC

People involved in a car accident have an obligation to report the accident to ICBC and the police. This requirement varies from case to case and involve deadlines. If injured in a hit and run accident you need advice about additional requirements. Reporting and identifying the other driver and owner is critical to any ICBC injury claim.

Free Legal Advice after ICBC

Generally, the longer you wait to obtain legal advice, the easier it will be for ICBC to defeat your claim. Therefore, call a lawyer within 48 hours of an accident. Have the date, location and description of the accident ready.

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