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Finding a Lawyer for my ICBC Injury Claim

When hiring a lawyer most people injured in a car accident are looking for the best personal injury lawyer in town when they call my personal injury law office.  I understand that sentiment because when I need a professional I always  expect to hire the best.  However, what does best personal injury lawyer really mean?  Do you want a lawyer that will explain the injury claim process to you, or do you just want to find an injury lawyer to do the job without any explanation? Do you want to hire an injury lawyer that you can meet with on a regular basis or are phone meetings ok? Are you looking for an injury lawyer that is friendly and cooperative or do you want an aggressive lawyer?
One of the first things you need to ask yourself before hiring a personal injury lawyer is whether you are prepared to listen to the advice of a lawyer.  Your relationship with a personal injury lawyer is a very unique one as the injury claimant must share a lot of personal information that a  person typically does not share with anyone.  The injury lawyer must trust the claimant is being truthful and  the injury claimant  has to trust that the lawyer will give appropriate legal advice.
So the best personal injury lawyer in town really is the lawyer you find that fits your personality and one that can build trust.  In addition consider these 5 items  when deciding on a lawyer:

  • Does the lawyer spread their  practice in many different areas of law or do they restrict their practice to only personal injury law?
  • Does the lawyer and law firm work for ICBC or any other insurance company?
  • Does the lawyer  have court room experience with personal injury cases?
  • Does the lawyer have a licence that allows him/her to practice law in British Columbia?
  • Have  other people  had a positive experience with the personal injury lawyer or law firm?

Most personal injury lawyers in British Columbia will agree to meet with you for a free consultation before taking your injury case. Make sure you or a family member make the call to an injury lawyer as soon after your injury as possible and take advantage of the free legal consultation. Posted by Mr.Renn A. Holness

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