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Making a Hit-and-Run Claim with ICBC

Personal Injury Lawyer, Renn Holness, explains how to make a hit-and-run claim with ICBC.


One responseMaking a Hit-and-Run Claim with ICBC

  • ICBC Hit & Run Claim Dismissed at Trial due to Failure of Injured Claimant to Question Hells Angel - Holness and Small Law Group - Personal Injury Lawyers Vancouver %

    June 5, 2020 1:39pm

    […] this video where Renn Holness, the founding partner of Holness and Small Law Group, explains the steps that […]

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"Renn A. Holness is a gifted lawyer and author to over 1000 legal blog articles. Married father of two daughters, son of a neurosurgeon and founder of Holness Law Group."

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