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The key to healthy lawyer-client relations is trust. Trust builds the confidence needed to make the best decisions in the case. It is therefore important to ask the lawyer whether they work for ICBC or any other insurance company. Ensure the lawyer’s loyalty is undivided.

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Auto injury claims are treated differently than other injuries. Slip and fall and medical malpractice cases involve private insurers. In car accident injury claims, there is only one auto insurer monopoly, ICBC, for mandatory auto insurance.

The Insurance Corporation of BC has special legal status. ICBC claimants, especially for accidents after April 1, 2019 are subject to several deductions, limits and arbitrary caps. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is often the only and best option if you want a fair outcome.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, fall of medical mishap here are three important injury lawyer hiring tips:

Get a Free Legal Consultation

It is rare that a professional will offer a consultation without charge. However, many personal injury lawyers offer this service before hiring.

Find a lawyer in BC. There are limits to a free legal consultation and you will need to decide whether to hire the lawyer for the life of the case.

Decide if a Personal Injury Lawyer is Needed

Weight the cost of legal fees with the value of your case. This will help determine whether hiring a personal injury lawyer is best.

Complex cases will benefit from the services of a competent injury lawyer and saves the claimant from making major mistakes. Hiring the appropriate lawyer will mean not worrying about how to build your case.

Pick a Lawyer Best Suited for Your Case

The legal acumen of a personal injury lawyer to be hired should reflect your needs. Friends on Facebook, Instagram or other sites like LinkedIn can sometimes give perspective on personal experience with a lawyer.

As a Personal Injury Lawyer I have had extensive legal education and over 23 years experience working on personal injury cases. Watch our short video about hiring a personal injury lawyer in BC to find out more about choosing your legal advocate.

For timing, hire a personal injury lawyer immediately. We only work for the injured. Holness Law Group has never worked for ICBC or any other insurance company.

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