Even though bus travel is considered one of the safest modes of transport in Canada, research by Transport Canada suggests rollovers and ejections are the major causes of serious and fatal injuries to bus occupants. Our Bus Accident Lawyers have experience representing users of privately operated and public transportation who suffer injury in motor vehicle accidents in British Columbia.

Brain injuries account for about one fifth of all school bus cases and one quarter of all city incidents. In British Columbia the BC Transit Authority coordinates the delivery of public transportation. BC Transit contracts with several private operating companies, public operating organizations and non profit agencies which may have to be named in a lawsuit, making a personal injury claim more complex and confusing.

Get one of our lawyers to report your claim to the transit authority or school, and conduct a proper investigation in order to obtain statements from available witnesses and preserve important evidence.

We have represented bus passengers ,drivers, pedestrians, and occupants of cars hit by buses. At Holness and Small Law Group we know about bus accident claims, we have a long history of success in helping accident claimants.