First Steps After Auto Accident- ICBC Claims Legal Assistance

You need help for your British Columbia ICBC claim after a car accident and we are Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver providing the best professional assistance for injury claims by: Reporting your accident; completing and filing required documentation; satisfying important deadlines; investigating on your behalf, obtaining medical opinion, securing accident benefits; and enabling access to update to date top legal analysis from some of the best legal minds in British Columbia.

If your are at the accident scene:

  1. Move away from traffic;
  2. Make sure the police and paramedics have bee called;
  3. Take photographs and video at the scene before the vehicles are moved;
  4. Obtain witness names and contact information- don’t talk to witnesses about how the accident occurred;
  5. Record details about the scene of the accident
  6. Cooperate and be truthful in providing your best recollection as required to police

After the Accident Scene-  First Contact with ICBC

Call, or have someone call, ICBC dial-a-claim to report the accident for you as soon as possible in the Vancouver Lower Mainland or anywhere in BC. Make sure the initial report is accurate. To avoid any problems, you need to seriously consider having a Vancouver personal injury lawyer at this point to deal with ICBC or any other insurance companies.  Find out how to make an ICBC injury claim from the professionals.

First Steps Following A Personal Injury Car Crash Claim

  1. Establish a family doctor to oversee your medical treatment and recovery;
  2. Make best efforts to document key events for your personal injury lawyer;
  3. Keep a day book or diary of life interference following your accident;
  4. Follow the recommendations of at least one of your healthcare providers.

ICBC Injury Claims Legal Advice

The procedural hurdles and steps to be taken in an ICBC claim involving personal injury are best handled by a lawyer, which can be done without having to pay any money up front to the lawyer. If you want more do-it-yourself information about ICBC claims procedural before you hire a lawyer explore our in-depth easy to read analysis at Holness and Small Law Group Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver.

Initiating your Personal Injury Claim in Vancouver Courthouse

There is little benefit in proceeding further with your ICBC injury claim without a lawyer. You save no legal fees because, typically, even the best personal injury lawyers will agree to be paid based on a percentage of the final recovery. So whether you hire your lawyer one week or one year after the accident you will likely be paying the same percentage.

There has also been research in Canada  which has found that claimants with lawyers get much more money than claimants without a legal advocate.  This is of course not always the result in specific cases but you should also consider that having a Vancouver injury lawyer also means not making mistakes in your claim and  not having to deal directly with ICBC.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is the most unique auto insurance carrier in North America being a crown corporation providing mandatory third party liability coverage through government mandate and also having the power of government to promote traffic safety.  Personal Injury Lawyers practicing in  British Columbia are specially qualified through training and experience to deal with ICBC injury claims and should be engaged and involved in any transactions in the Province involving personal injury legislation interpretation. The majority of lawyers practice in Vancouver and the Lowe Mainland where many legal services, such as the Court of Appeal, are located.

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