The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is one of the largest automobile insurance companies in North America and provides mandatory car accident injury benefits to those insured. ICBC holds billions of dollars in assets and has also received the power of government to licence drivers, collect fines for violation tickets, and promote highway safety. More recently ICBC has shared its face recognition technology with other government departments and administers the BC MSP CareCard, now the BC Services Card, through the driver licensing offices.

ICBC Injury Claims

In British Columbia a victim injured due to the driving of another has the right to sue the driver for compensation. Necessary compensation usually, but not always, comes from ICBC through third party liability insurance coverage held by the negligent driver. The law requires all British Columbia drivers to purchase third party liability car insurance through ICBC.

If the negligent driver is from another province or state, the liability insurance will not be provided through ICBC and another insurance company may be involved.

ICBC is also required to provide “add-on” medical and disability benefits to any insured involved in a collision, regardless of fault. This coverage is often referred to as “No-Fault Benefits”. Again, this accident benefit insurance scheme is controlled and administered by ICBC. As you learn in our short video ICBC provides mandatory accident injury benefits to its insured after a car accident:

Getting a Lawyer

Despite consistent profits, ICBC spends millions of dollars every year hiring experienced personal injury lawyers to fight injury claims.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada found that claimants with lawyers received over three times more in settlement dollars than claimants without lawyers. Having a lawyer will help give you peace of mind knowing you’ll get what you deserve. Having your own lawyer will ensure your interests are being addressed.

ICBC Cases

You can afford a lawyer at Holness and Small Law Group because we’ll pay the expenses of the case for you now and wait until the end of the claim to be paid. We don’t work for ICBC or any other insurance company. We’ll work for You.