In this ICBC doctor personal injury case (Raun v. Suran,  2010 BCSC 793)the claimant was injured in a violent rear-end motor vehicle collision July 12, 2005.  ICBC on behalf of the at fault driver admitted liability for the collision but assessed the case as being worth little more than $18,000.00. Defence counsel had the injury claimant assessed by Dr. Sovio, an orthopaedic surgeon and he concluded, “It does not appear that there is anything significant ongoing as far as the patient’s current situation is concerned.” However, the Judge found that Dr. Sovio did not address the chronic nature of the injury and awarded the claimant $75,000.00 for pain and suffering, $75,000.00 for reduced earning capacity, $22,000.00 past income loss and out of pocket expenses of $1,533.00.
As of April 29, 2014, the date of this update,  this case is still good law, was considered 13 times and has not been considered or overturned.
Posted By Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness
Issue: Should doctors hired by ICBC and other third party insurers, be allowed to testify if their reports do not deal with the main issues in a case?

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