Your ICBC injury claim may be due to a car accident or you  may have been a pedestrian or a cyclist. ICBC is required to pay accident benefits, if your are an insured, whether they think you are all fault or not.  You do not need to find a personal injury lawyer if ICBC is paying for your treatment and you are totally at fault for the car accident.
Get an injury  lawyer if you believe you are not at fault and your injuries are preventing you from working or performing recreational activities.
The top ICBC injury lawyers in BC usually only work on personal injury cases and focus their legal practice on personal injury law. However, in British Columbia there is no specialist certificate to become a personal injury lawyer and any member in good standing with the Law Society of British Columbia can take on a personal injury case.
The best ICBC lawyer strategy is to find a lawyer that restricts their legal practice to only injury claims. You will avoid the potential conflicts of interest and limitations on your ability to sue ICBC for bad faith if you hire a personal injury lawyer that does not work for ICBC. When meeting with the injury lawyer always ask  if he or she works for ICBC before and not after you hire the  lawyer. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness


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