I  practise personal injury law in Vancouver and have represented injury claimants living in Surrey, Victoria, Prince George, throughout  British Columbia, Canada, and many countries in the world. Vancouver Canada is a cutting edge city with world class court rooms designed for the most current technology.
Vancouver personal injury lawyers located at 808 Nelson Street are right across from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. ICBC has their litigation office and a head office also located at 808 Nelson street in Vancouver.  Car accident victims are often treated at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver Hospital and other medical center’s of excellence in Vancouver which provide specialized care unmatched in any other part of British Columbia.
With modern changes in the court rules lawyers all over the Province can file documents at court registries by fax, email and even appear by teleconference at some hearings. It is however helpful in my personal injury practice to be right across from the courthouse where I appear in court chambers or for trials. 
It is always a good idea to ask a lawyer if their location will increase the costs of your personal injury lawsuit and whether their office location will pose any other problems as the case moves forward. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness

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