Can I afford an injury lawyer for my ICBC personal injury claim? Should I Settle my injury claim with ICBCwithout a lawyer? These are common questions that injury claimants ask when they call my personal injury law firm.  When it comes to legal fees whether you are in  in Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, or  any other part of British Columbia injury lawyers in Vancouver are regulated by the Legal Profession Act.  I have discussed how Personal injury lawyers are paid in British Columbia before and would add that top injury lawyers in many areas in British Columbia, including Burnaby, have been able to  successfully represent injury victims on the understanding that at the end of the case the lawyer is paid a percentage of the amount recovered.
This legal fee arrangement, based on a percentage  has allowed access to justice for  many injury claimants by providing advice from experienced  personal injury lawyers. This  arrangement  allows the client to hire a lawyer without having to pay any up front fees and not having to pay, in advance,  the expenses of prosecuting the injury claim lawsuit.
Can you afford not to have a lawyer?  is therefore the more appropriate question.  With an injury lawyer putting forward your injury claim or lawsuit you have a better chance of receiving the compensation you deserve and you can focus on getting better. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness

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