Personal injury lawyers hired to represent car accident injury claimants in British Columbia will have the majority of their injury cases defended by ICBC. This is because all drivers in British Columbia are required to get third party liability coverage from ICBC.  So in a typical car accident case in which your are rear-ended and not at fault and all drivers and owners are from British Columbia ICBC will be your insurance company for accident benefits as well as representing the other driver in defending your negligence claim.  Most injury claimants  feel that  ICBC is in a conflict of interest.
If your car accident occurred outside the province and within Canada your British Columbia lawyer, with exceptions, will be able to represent you and deal with any out of Province insurance company. In this case your lawyer may only be dealing with ICBC with respect to your accident benefit claim and not your negligence claim against the at fault driver.
If you are injured in a car accident in the United States you will need an American qualified  personal injury lawyer and ICBC will generally not be involved in defending your negligence claim.
When ICBC is your insurance company as well as the other drivers insurance company it has been my experience as a personal injury lawyer that your insurance adjuster will often give documents gathered in your claim to the other side.  These documents may be irrelevant or embarrassing and might be used against you later in your injury claim.
If you know you are going to be dealing with ICBC for all your injury claims get yourself the protection of a personal injury lawyer as earlier in the injury case as possible.  This will avoid unnecessary and damaging disclosure of documents and information and should provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve got your own legal expert on your side. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness


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