January 17, 2017-No, you do not have to call but there are two good reasons to have a friend, family member or injury lawyer report to ICBC dial-a-claim or online immediately. No injury claimant should call ICBC without having a free legal consultation first.  Calling a car accident lawyer and calling ICBC dial-a-claim are two different steps so make sure you do both as early as possible.
You must prove a notice of claim within 30 days to obtain accident benefits.
Your injury lawyer can report your injury to ICBC dial-a-claim for you if you hire the lawyer right away.  Most lawyers will agree to talk with you on the phone  for a free consult. Remember laws outside British Columbia are different when it comes to reporting a car accident. So, the two good reasons to report to ICBC dial-a-claim immediately are:

1.   Reporting to ICBC dial-a-claim right away will give you the best chance to received disability benefits from ICBC quickly.

ICBC can take up to 30 days under the law to process your total temporary disability claim and most people cannot afford to go without income for more than 30 days. If you are injured by a hit and run driver reporting the accident to the police and  ICBC dial-a-claim will allow ICBC and the police to employ their resources to help track down the other driver.

2.  ICBC may not defend you after a Car Accident  if Notice is not provided

If you may be at fault or partly at fault you are required, amongst other things,  to give ICBC prompt written notice of the accident and to cooperate with ICBC.  If you fail to cooperate to the prejudice of ICBC they can refuse to defend you.
Every case is different uninsured claims, infant injury claims, hit and run, and accident benefit claims, for example,  all have different time limits and some require you to provide a written report.  So when in doubt report your car accident injury right away through a friend, family member or injury lawyer to  ICBC dial-a-claim. Reporting the accident to ICBC  within 24 hours  may avoid problems with incurance coverage and Vehicle damage claims should also be reported to ICBC right away.
Posted by ICBC Personal Injury Lawyer Mr.Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.


  1. Deer ran into my van creating damage. No injury to me. What steps do I need to take? Will a claim cause my rate to go up? 1st claim in 10 yrs if I claim this. It was reported to police (RCMP). Is there a time period that must be followed?Thank you.

    • For injury claims you have 30 days to make a written report. If you are claiming the vehicle damage the incident should be reported right away, within 24 hours. You were correct to report the accident to the police. Whether this accident changes your insurance will depend on your claim payment history with ICBC and whether there have been any breaches of insurance.

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