This Vancouver car accident injury claim(Helgason v. Bosa)  occurred at the intersection of Victoria Drive and Hastings Street in Vancouver BC.  The injury claimant was southbound on Victoria Drive and was stopped at a red light prior to entering the intersection at Hastings.  When the light turned green, she proceeded into the intersection.  The other driver was driving westbound on Hastings and did not stop at the red light.  The other vehicle hit the front driver’s side of the claimant’s vehicle and accepted fault for the collision.
The judge found that the claimant’s most significant injuries were:
1.       neck and shoulder (and headaches);
2.       migraines;
3.       anxiety while driving.
The court was satisfied that  the neck and shoulder injuries of the claimant are ongoing and continue to bother her on a regular basis, she continues to have  anxiety while driving was caused by the MVA and is ongoing.   the judge was not satisfied however that the optical migraines were caused by the MVA.  the migraines were disregarded entirely in assessing damages.
The injury claimant was awarded:
1.       Pain and suffering – $60,000
2.       Past  Wage Loss – $2,147.34
3.       Lost Earning Capacity – $45,000
4.       Cost of Future Care – $3,500
5.       Loss of Homemaking Capacity – Past and  Future: $15,000
6.       Special Damages – $5,071.62
TOTAL: $130,718.96
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