Being a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver British Columbia settling injury claims since 1995 I have dealt with cases in which the injury claimant has suffered a brain and spinal cord injury in a car accident and ICBC claims that the ongoing disability is due to the negligence of the surgeon and not the at fault driver. To make cases even more complicated there can often be limb and upper extremity injuries like wrist, ankle, knee elbow,and shoulder injuries.  Even top personal injury lawyers can ask just how does a person settle with ICBC or other insurance companies  with so many obstacles in the injury case?
The urgent care doctors for head injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries can often focus their attention on acute limb injury without documenting the symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury. It can be several weeks or months later that a personal injury lawyer is hired and can properly assess the admissible evidence and strength of the personal injury case.
Medical malpractice, if established, can have profound effects on the ultimate outcome of your personal injury car accident case. A company like ICBC will argue that your ongoing injury or disability is the responsibility of the negligent doctor and that any limb injuries from the car accident were insignificant to the final outcome. the insurance company for the doctor will be sure to delay and deny your injury claim.
Personal injury lawyers in British Columbia have had several changes in the law that can help injury claimants to get the best outcome for their personal injury claim. Here are a few personal injury case tips, mostly for the injury lawyers out there, to help you understand the best course of action to take.
The case of Bradley v. Groves reminded personal injury lawyers in Vancouver and the rest the BC that ICBC cannot blame others for aggravating an indivisible injury.
People suffering repeat head injury now have research and opinion to back the position that repeat head injury can result in more severe and prolonged head injuries.
With the changes in the civil rules, July 2010, injury claimant can now have a three day trial without a jury. The fast track rulesalso prevent ICBC’s lawyers from asking you questions under oath for more than two hours and ICBC cannot force you to answer written interrogatories without leave of the court. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness

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