I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 and have noticed that there are a lot of  companies trying to give advice about how you should claim with ICBC or other insurance companies if you have been injured.  Some of these companies are not law firms and are not licenced to practice law in British Columbia.  In this post I’d like to provide a quick guide to injury claimants when getting free legal advice for ICBC injury claims. For this post I will focus on brain injury, traumatic brain injury, and slip and fall. In short, get yourself a lawyer and a law firm team that can legally provide all the services you require.
Very legitimate mild traumatic brain injuries can be difficult to establish as there is usually no brain damage evident on MRI and the symptoms can be subtle. The advice that you may hope to gain from non-lawyers when pursuing an ICBC injury claim may not hold up in court.  Lawyers are licenced to practice law and are permitted to speak on your behalf in the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Many people believe they cannot afford a lawyer for their car accident claim and as a result ruin their injury cases by trying to represent themselves.  However, many personal injury lawyers, even the best, will agree to meet with you at no charge and will take your case on a percentage of the settlement or court award. This means you don’t have to pay the lawyer up front and the lawyer is paid at the end when money is received from ICBC or another insurance company.
When it comes to slip and fall cases you really need to talk to a personal injury lawyer and do not rely on store bought guides and non-lawyer advice. there are strict deadlines for bringing these falling injury claims especially against the City of Vancouver, and other cities in BC, so call a lawyer right away. You will not be dealing with ICBC for your slip and fall case and it will likely be a private insurance company or government body.
Finally, check out my post on how lawyers are paid in BC , explore all of my posts about hiring personal injury lawyers and call me at my law firm in Vancouver for a free consultation.  As in most complicated situations in life you will likely benefit from a professional that has dealt with similar situations such as providing legal advice for your ICBC claim. Get a personal injury lawyer so you can get on with getting better and not have to worry about your personal injury claim.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer  Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.

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