A car accident injury claim with ICBC can become complex and potentially risky.  Here is a checklist of important car accident claim hints for people trying to help injured friends or family after a car accident in BC.
1.   If there is a question of fault ensure that there is an investigation into the circumstances of the car accident. Depending on the facts of the case a personal injury lawyer may deem it appropriate to hire investigators, engineers or accident reconstruction experts. Suggest that the claimant speak to a lawyer for a no charge consultation. Your friend or family member may be too injured or emotional to deal with the insurance company without the protection of a lawyer. Ensure you are present at any meetings and record notes and document any agreements ICBC has made to pay benefits.
2.   If your family member or friend has a prior medical condition make sure that the health care providers  treating the claimant for the accident injury are aware of the claimants prior medical history. You may have to complete appropriate consent and authorization forms so, again, speak to a lawyer.
3.   Make sure the car accident details and injuries are reported immediately to ICBC and any other insurance companies involved in the claim. You may want to consider filing an ICBC dial-a-claim report on behalf of the injury claimant or helping them make the call.
There are other time limitations when it comes to filing an ICBC injury claim or suing the at fault driver. You should seriously consider accompanying your mom, dad, or friend to the initial lawyer meeting and assist in gathering all the important documentation for the meeting.
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Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.


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