There are many more personal injury lawyers in Vancouver than anywhere else in British Columbia. That is why many claimants come to Vancouver from outside the Lower Mainland to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Once you have hired your lawyer you need to follow your lawyers legal advice in order to prevent problems in your case.
I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver helping injury claimants fight the defences and denials of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia ( ICBC )  since 1995.  Since I began helping car accident claimants I have had to take over many cases from other lawyers due to the client no longer being satisfied with the other lawyer.  I always agree to a free consultation if your case has merit so call me.
If you have decided not to call me,  here are some important tips to help maintain a healthy relationship with your personal injury lawyer:
1.  If you have followed the advice of your lawyer make sure you convey this to your lawyer- Personal injury lawyers in Vancouver and around the Province are required to be familiar with important deadlines and landmark stages in a car accident case but without your input proper action on your case may not be implemented.
2. Tell your  injury lawyer about any changes in your treatment- Your  lawyer should have a proper system in place to gather new information about your treatment and changes in your diagnosis. Discuss with your lawyer conflicting treatment recommendations and share any concerns you may have about the effectiveness of any treatment.
3. Make sure your lawyer has your email, cell number, and any other contact information in the event the lawyer needs urgent instructions from you.  For the purpose of your personal injury claim your lawyer “stands in your shoes” and speaks on your behalf to ICBC or any other  insurance company involved.  This means your lawyer needs your up-to-date information to make decisions on your behalf.
Car accident lawyers in British Columbia are required to look out for the best interest of their personal injury clients and clients get the benefit of having experienced lawyers on their side if they choose to hire a lawyer. All insurance companies such as ICBC have legal departments filled with lawyers employed to assess and deny injury claims. ICBC  also hires out private lawyers in Vancouver and around the Province to fight your personal injury claim.
Most good personal injury lawyers will be proactive in following up with you and ensuring that all the necessary evidence is gathered for trial or for a settlement meeting. However, as a client you need to ensure that your lawyer has been given all the documents and information to support the losses that are being claimed in your lawsuit.
All injury claimants can hire Holness Law Group with no up front fees and we are paid only if we get you money. You can come to my law firm and hire an experienced personal injury lawyer with no money in your pocket.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver  Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.

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