As a personal injury lawyer representing innocent injury claimants against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, I have no problem giving claimants the number to ICBC dial-a-claim (604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222 outside the Lower Mainland). I only represent the injured not ICBC or any other insurance company. Remember you should have a friend or family member report the claim if you are physically or emotionally unable to do it yourself.
So why would you hire a personal injury lawyer before you call ICBC?  Here are three common mistakes I have seen over and over again that can be avoided by hiring a lawyer immediately to represent your best interest:
1.  Ambiguous and vague language in the weeks following a car accident injury can and usually will be used against you by the insurance company ICBC. Even if you are not English as a second language, the words you use can become a real problem. Your lawyer can ensure you are properly understood.
2.  Guessing and speculating can lead the insurance company to deny your injury claim.  Experienced personal injury lawyers are trained to convey reliable information on your behalf so there is no confusion over important events in your claim.  Possible ICBC denials based on the WCB  “worker on worker” defence can be avoided by having a personal injury lawyer provide ICBC with reliable and relevant information and documentation.
3.  A lack of understanding of the law can cause claimants to given the insurance company embarrassing and irrelevant information. Also, a lack of knowledge can also lead to missing deadlines, limitations periods and other important steps in your injury claim.
Most personal injury lawyers in BC will agree to talk with you for free before agreeing to take your case. Take advantage of the free consultation, even if the lawyer declines to take your case, you may gain a better understanding of where you stand with ICBC.
For more information checkout my earlier posted checklist for an ICBC dial-a-claim. Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness

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