I have been a personal injury lawyer representing injury claimants against ICBC since 1995 in BC and have helped countless claimants settle their injury claims from my law office in Vancouver. Finding a lawyer can be a daunting task and most people that call my office are concerned about the cost of a lawyer. Here are three things to consider before hiring a personal injury lawyer:
1.  Do you have confidence in the personal injury  lawyer? Is he or she a member in good standing with the BC Bar and do they have the work experience to benefit your case?
2.  Do you need  a lawyer? If your injury is trivial and does not  interfer with your social, recreational, or work life then typically you do not need a lawyer.
3.  How much should you pay a personal injury lawyer? The Law Society of British Columbia regulates lawyers in BC and has set limits on what lawyers can charge. Without court order a personal injury lawyer cannot receive more than 40% of a settlement or court award if the lawyer is being paid on a percentage. If you pay your lawyer by the hour you will typically get a bill monthly outlining the legal fees and expenses owing. Experienced lawyers are worth their weight in gold and having a percentage arrangement will avoid you having to pay the monthly legal fees.
If you have a serious injury or complicated medical case you should consider hiring a lawyer immediately. If you pay the lawyer based on a percentage of what is recovered then it will not cost you more to hire the lawyer right after your injury.
Posted by personal injury lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, only representing the injured, not ICBC or any other insurance company.


  1. Another thing to consider would be that lawyers usually don’t take upfront fees in order to retain their services. It’s only after there’s a settlement that any consideration is received from the lawyer.

  2. Doing personal injury or auto accidents isn’t something our firm does in this jurisdiction, and it’s not legal advice or creating a client relationship, for insurance cases in Ontario it may be worth looking at the SABS replacement income. Definitely worth seeking legal advice.

  3. Finding a good personal injury lawyer can be hard sometimes. There a lot of options and sometimes choosing the right one in not easy at all! Thank you for the tips!

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