In this Fast Track car accident injury case (Bissonnette v. Horn, 2012 BCSC 518) the injury claimant was a passenger in a vehicle driving southbound on 203rd Street, near Michaud Crescent, in Langley, B.C.  Another vehicle, also traveling southbound on 203rd Street, cut off the claimant  vehicle causing it to lose control, which then came in contact with a utility pole.
The main issues at trial were the extent of the claimant’s pain, what injuries were caused by the accident, and the proper measure of her compensation. ICBC argued that the complaints of left hip pain did not arise until years after the car accident and were not caused by the accident.  ICBC relied on the evidence of  Dr. Grypma.
The court accepted the injury claim despite the defence awarding $109,500 in damages consisting of the following:
a)    Pain and suffering  of $40,000;
b)    $37,500 for past lost income;
c)    $30,000 for lost future earning capacity;
d)    $500 for out of pocket expenses, and
e)    $1,500 for the cost of future care.
For more information about this type of litigation watch my short Fast Track Rules video. Posted by Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness

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