The  British Columbia Paraplegic Association has changed it’s name and is now officially called Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC).  SCI BC  helps people with spinal cord injury and their families by providing information and community support after car accident injuries or other traumas resulting in spinal cord injury and related disability.
SCI BC was originally formed in 1957 by injured veterans of  WWII. Back then most of the members were  paraplegics as quadriplegics rarely survived due to  the lack of knowledge in treating infections and other complicating causes. This new name now accurately reflects the modern day reality which is quadriplegics are surviving longer after trauma and have become a large part of the membership base.
Whether you have a personal injury lawyer for your ICBC injury claim or you are representing yourself, the SCI BC is an excellent resource and should be a place that any spinal cord injury claimant starts when looking for community based support. Spinal cord injury lawyers in BC do not have a special designation in BC, work experience and legal knowledge help prepare lawyers to represent the injured. If you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer take a read of my article on hiring a personal injury lawyer in BC and check my short video about why to consider hiring a BC personal injury lawyer.
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