As a practicing lawyer in British Columbia since 1995 much of my legal work has been done assisting claimants after car accidents. I want to make just a few comments in this article on the type of legal assistance a claimant needs after being involved in a car accident in our Province. Lawyers to help with the first steps following a car accident injury will often prove critical later to a successful settlement of the claim.
Professional legal representation to investigate, analyze, draft and file a civil claim can prove invaluable in many personal injury claims. Filing a civil claim in the Supreme Court of BC requires a claimant to state the legal basis of their claim and proactively bring the case forward to trial.
Although it is not required I think it is best to retain a lawyer with experience representing ICBC claimants and let the lawyer deal directly with the ICBC claims representatives, adjusters and lawyers. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, will be have to be involved in any legal proceeding . Every person starting a lawsuit for injury compensation caused by a vehicle in British Columbia must  serve the ICBC with a copy of the notice of civil claim. ICBC controls accident benefits for medical and disability money if you are an insured making a claim.
Get legal advice from a personal injury lawyer if you are hurt physically or psychologically as a result of the motor vehicle accident.
Get free legal advice early on for an ICBC claim and  remember that every lawyer in British Columbia must obtain a certificate to practice law from the Law Society of British Columbia and can practice law anywhere in the Province. More than 50% of the lawyers in British Columbia practice in the Vancouver area. For more information about legal help after a car accident watch my short video about ICBC and the law.
Posted by Mr. Renn A. Holness B.A., LL.B.

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