June 6, 2017-  ICBC Injury Claims advice from a personal injury lawyer with over 21 years experience. Police should be called but they do not always show up so get the name and address of the driver along with the licence plate number and name of the registered owner of the other vehicle. Do Not: argue with the other driver; voluntarily assuming legal liability without consulting a lawyer; or agree to pay for car damage at the scene of the accident.
Step 1.  Make a claim with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC,  within the required deadlines-Typically you have 30 days after the auto accident to give ICBC a written report and 90 days to complete an accident benefit claim form to apply for accident injury benefits from ICBC. This changes if there is no prejudice to ICBC so if it has been more than 30 or 90 days you still may very well have a claim.

Step 2.  Preserve evidence of the accident– ICBC or the defending insurance company may want to blame you for causing the car accident. This will avoid them having to pay for you pain and suffering and other potentially critical costs following the auto injury. Photos of the accident scene, vehicles, injuries and the like should be taken but may not be enough to prove negligence. If there is even a possibility that ICBC may argue fault you should seek the advice of a lawyer to walk you through the steps needed.
Step 3.  Apply for Work and Government Benefits– Medical Employment Insurance, sick leave, short term disability, extended health, and the like should be applied for, if available, as ICBC often acts as only a secondary insurance coverage after a motor vehicle accident injury. You do not need a lawyer to apply for these benefits directly but may need a lawyer to help you qualify if this becomes an issue. You may also have to repay some of these benefits under contract or through a subrogated interest. This should be discussed with a lawyer.
What to do after a hit and run, pedestrian accident, drunk driver, head-on collision, bicycle crash, rear end collision, requires a much more a tailored response.

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