The truth is, personal injury claimants are permitted to pursue negligence claims despite the contact between vehicles. This also applies in British Columbia for accident benefits from ICBC, the Insurance corporation of British Columbia and a personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you about all the reporting requirements. Pedestrians are included in this principle and pedestrians that get hurt  are entitled to compensation, despite the lack of damage to the vehicle.  Check out my short video about ICBC injury claims with no vehicular contact.
As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver I have talked to and represented many people that have been injured in motor vehicle accidents in which the cars do not come into contact. The force of braking or swerving may be enough to cause musculoskeletal injury, depending on a persons pre-exising condition. Read my article about a money award for car accident injury with no collison.
Importantly, one specific exception are Hit and Run accidents that occur outside of British Columbia. The law says, in short, that there must be proof of contact between the vehicles  if you are claiming injury from a hit and run outside BC. It can be key therefore to get a lawyer experienced in ICBC claims involved if you are injured in a hit and run.
Whether you are a pedestrian, motorist, cyclist, or other user of our roadways the key ingredient to making a negligence claim is connecting, through legal causation,  the negligent conduct of the offending driver with the injury that is alleged. Most up to date and qualified ICBC injury lawyers in British Columbia can be very helpful in proving legal cause in civil car accident cases.
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