As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver I have the good fortune of having a Brain Surgeon as a father. In this exclusive video, Dr. R.O. Holness, Neurosurgeon since 1975, touches on the symptoms of brain injury after car accidents.  Family members are often the first to contact my personal injury law firm for help after a loved one has suffered a head injury, and it is important to know that representatives should be appointed as early as possible to deal with ICBC and any tort claim that may arise from the accident. Take a read of my article on representation agreements for helping persons suffering from brain injury.
The signs and symptoms of an acquired brain injury depend on first of all the severity of the injury and secondly, which part of the brain is damaged. For example, someone who is knocked out in the boxing ring may suffer brief loss of consciousness and get up and start boxing again after a few minutes. On the other hand, somebody who had a very severe high speed car accident and a decelerating injury where they are thrown from the vehicle could suffer a fatal or severe injury. Assistance with documenting brain injury symptoms after a car accident can become critical in putting forward a personal injury claim with ICBC to cover the costs of the injury.
Brain injuries from car accident can result from a penetrating injury at the scene that will damage the part of the brain that may, for example have to do with speech or vision.  So the signs and symptoms of an acquired brain injury are related to the severity and which part of the brain is damaged. Again, proper documentation with respect to head injury itself and the resulting symptoms will aid in the proper resolution of any arising personal injury claim.
Special areas of interest for Dr. Holness include surgical education and methods of evaluation, pituitary and skull base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, and international neurosurgical education.
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