Getting the best legal advice without paying a professional fee for a civil matter is fiction and most people know it, but don’t go anywhere yet. Expect to pay no more than one third in British Columbia for legal advice if your agreement is on a percentage for ICBC claims.  You can also get arrangements where there is no up front fees or pay on an hourly basis.
I have been a practicing lawyer in BC dealing with ICBC since 1995 and have written several articles on making an ICBC claim.  Here are are a few tips, without charge, to guide you to the answers you need if you do not get legal representation right away:
1. ICBC Insurance Claims have time limits get familiar with these and the legally required forms that need to be completed;
2. Medical documentation of the complaints need to be in the proper form and exchanged with the insurance company as required; and
3. Income documents need to be obtained for income loss and the employer may have to complete, without charge, an ICBC form before obtaining accident benefits.
Always get your advice from a trusted source as the law is consistently changing. My best advice is to get legal advice and get a lawyer if you have been injured. Get more tips,watch my short video on settling an ICBC Claim.
Posted by Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.

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