Personal injury lawyers solve problems everyday for injury claimants dealing with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) by negotiating binding final solutions. In order to have a legally enforceable agreement to settle a personal injury claim with ICBC there must by an offer, an acceptance and consideration. Making a personal injury claim with an ICBC injury lawyer on your side will eliminate the need to learn the law but it’s a good idea to know the following basics to communicate effectively with your lawyer:

  1. The Settlement Offer must be Clear- There are no magic words but experienced ICBC injury lawyers will have a cache of workable alternatives that have been successful in the past. Don’t just cut and paste from another unrelated claim and avoid vague and ambiguous language.
  2. ICBC’s Acceptance must be Unconditional – An acceptance of any offer cannot, as a general rule, contain an additional clause, condition or term. Adding a condition to an acceptance is tantamount to making a counter-offer.
  3. Legal Consideration must flow– Consideration is something of value received by a promisor from a promisee. Consideration must be of value and is exchanged for the performance or promise of performance by the other party.

Finding an ICBC injury lawyer is getting easier with social media and many personal injury lawyers will take a case with no up front fees. Learn more and watch our short video about settling an ICBC injury claim.
Posted by ICBC Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A. LL.B.– Working for the injured, not ICBC or any other insurance company.

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