After being injured in a car accident or fall and before you sign a statement for ICBC or give the insurance company permission to communicate with medical professionals and employers, consider getting professional advice.  About 1200 people a day are injured in British Columbia and over 25 of those are permanently disabled as a result of  injuries.
The Personal Injury Lawyers at HurtBC help people after being hurt in BC report the accident,  complete ICBC claim forms and other documentation, properly investigate, get benefits from the insurance adjuster, file the lawsuit and attend court if necessary.
If you have been hurt in BC, making an accident claim after a car accident is an unexpected event that can have long term consequences and prevent entitlement to ICBC injury benefits. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia administers auto insurance coverage in BC  for those who suffer losses after motor vehicle Accident.
In my experience most injury claimants benefit from getting a lawyer right away. If you do not know the answer to at least 2 out of the following 3 questions you should truly consider hiring a lawyer to represent your best interest before taking any further steps:
1. How many personal injury claims arise after a motor vehicle accident in BC?- There are usually at least two claims the tort claim and the accident benefit claim.
2. If injured on City property do you have to notify the City? Yes, you have 60 days to provide  notice of the injury to the City, with few exceptions.
3. Are you entitled to money for pain and suffering? if you have been hurt in BC through no fault of your own and your injury is due to the negligence of another a money may be made awarded by the Court to compensate for pain, suffering, loss of amenities and loss of enjoyment of life.
We pride ourselves in being lawyers that represent only people that are injured, not ICBC or any other insurance company. Holness Law Group Personal Injury Lawyer administers HurtBC  which is a service for the people that we serve and the larger community.

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