Don’t know where to find real ICBC personal injury lawyers? ICBC stands for The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and lawyers that help injury claimants make claims with ICBC are often referred to as ICBC injury lawyers. Most of these lawyers do not actually work for ICBC and will actually advocate on behalf of the injured claimant not ICBC. Personal injury lawyers with a special interest and experience  in motor vehicle collision litigation that practice in BC will have to deal with ICBC on a daily basis.
Finding ICBC injury lawyers and getting good legal advice does not have to be difficult. The Law Society of BC keeps an official list of all practicing lawyers in British Columbia and the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, provides a free lawyer referral service. If you are concerned about cost, look for a lawyer that will take your case with no upfront fees. Many personal injury lawyers in BC will agree to take a case on agreement that they are paid at the very end when the case settles or there is a court decision. The terms of any agreement are decided to between the lawyer and client.
Lawyers that do work for ICBC are obliged to tell claimants of this fact especially if the claimant needs legal help making a bad faith claim. As a lawyer in British Columbia since 1995  I have never worked for ICBC. Learn more about getting legal advice about an ICBC claim after a car accident injury by watching our short video about how personal injury lawyers are paid in BC.
Posted by Personal Injury Lawyer Mr. Renn A. Holness, B.A., LL.B.

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