For the  injured driver, pedestrian, cyclist or passenger looking to hire a lawyer, remember  case deadlines in the ICBC claim process are not suspended during the period that you do not have a lawyer. Dealing with an insurance company like ICBC is part of my job as a personal injury lawyer so let’s just say I’v learned a few things since I filed my first lawsuit against ICBC in 1995.

ICBC Procedure after a Car Accident

Personal injuries from car accidents often occur at night but as people start returning to school and work more accidents occur in the day. For personal injury lawyers making ICBC claims it is imperative to determine the work status of the people involved in the accident given the statutory bar to any legal action set out  in section 10 of the Workers Compensation Act.
When two people are worker’s and are in the course of their employment when injured in a car accident British Columbia law prevents them from suing each other for personal injury. In this “worker on worker” situation the claimant can claim against WCB for benefits but not ICBC.  Legal advice is critical in the presentation of this type of personal  injury claim.

Vehicle Accident Lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver I tend to get a lot of calls in the fall from people wanting me to explain the procedure of making an injury claim with ICBC. My first suggestion is to write everything down and make sure you have the date, time, location and basic description of how the accident happened before you call a law firm.  Free initial legal consultations are common but don’t expect to get proper legal assistance for free. Personal injury lawyer fees are controlled by the Law Society so don’t be concerned about being gouged for legal fees and remember an experienced injury lawyer is worth his or her weight in gold.
An ICBC dial-a-claim report should be made as soon as possible on behalf of the injury claimant and a call to a lawyer for a free legal consultation. For more information check out our short video about settling your ICBC claim and take advantage of our personal injury claim resources.
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