Experienced personal injury lawyers should know that Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury (DAI) refers to damage at an almost microscopic level to the connections of the brain. “Diffuse” means generalized in the brain. “Axonal” refers to the connections.
After a car crash or other accident one may suffer a concussion, however, DAI is beyond a simply concussion which is often a temporary condition. What happens in this injury is that there are little tears in the white matter of the brain and these can be manifested on CT scans and MRIs. You will see multiple areas of hemorrhage and disruption of the connections.
The big connection between the right and left hemisphere, the Corpus Callosum, is often disrupted as well in more severe cases. These brain injury claimants can have from a few days of altered consciousness to long periods of almost vegetative survival. This will depend on the severity, the nature of the impact, and the speed involved in the accident.
DAI has a three grade classification system based on the severity of the injury and usually diagnosed with scan findings and the presence of unconsciousness or an altered stated of awareness.
For more information about diffuse axonal brain injury after car accident watch our short video featuring Neurosurgeon Dr. R.O. Holness with an explanation that can be understood by personal injury lawyers and their clients.
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