With legal assistance after a car accident being critical to the successful outcome of most Insurance Corporation of B.C. claims the lawyers at Holness Law Group report automobile crashes to ICBC. As a lawyer in Vancouver I often help by first reporting a car accident to ICBC even if a client has already called dial-a-claim. Here is some important information you should know when getting an advocate to report your ICBC case:

1. Reporting the Accident – ICBC Applications Signed by Claimant

A lawyer cannot give evidence for you and the claimant or legal guardian will have to sign the accident benefit application, which should be done within 90 days of the accident. Our lawyers provide personalized legal advice for every client to ensure the best chance of claims being  accepted. We have all the forms needed to start your ICBC claim.

2. ICBC Accident Lawyer to be Hired in Timely Manner

Within 30 days of the accident a report should be given. There are time limits for making a claim so reporting your claim right away if do not have a lawyer can give you the time you need to find the right lawyer for your case. Most ICBC lawyers are paid on a percentage basis so hiring the lawyer right away will not cost more money in legal fees. In fact, you will get the most out of a lawyer if you let the lawyer start the claim for you.

3. Lawyer Needs All Relevant Documentation

The burden of proving any ICBC case is with the claimant. When finding a lawyer to report your ICBC claim you need to cooperate with the lawyer and provide all relevant employment and medical documentation you may have on hand. Lawyers have a duty of confidentiality so that clients can be free to discuss openly all issues and an accurate initial report can therefore be made.
Holness Law Group are the lawyers of hurtbc.com. To learn more about lawyers that report claims to ICBC watch our short video on making an ICBC dial-a-Claim:

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